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Saturday, July 17, 2004

How We Are Starting To Feel About Paperwork

We finally found out where the buyer's lawyer's office is located. Good thing since the closing is on Monday. I got a letter from the Pa board of Nursing to tell me I forgot something so I've got to Fed Ex something else on Monday (Note to self - buy Fed Ex stock......). It's certainly an uphill battle. On other subjects - Jackson did get his white belt despite his inability to recite the Code Of The White Eagle. And on the way home we saw two kids bouncing on that trampoline that sits a foot from the road and is surrounded by outcroppings of rocks - I guess kids are not as breakable here. I just find the whole thing hysterically funny. Not much going on as you can see, but I really just needed an excuse to put up this picture of Mr. Lee which I think is a riot.

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