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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Try Not To Get Too Excited

You'd think the dogs would be guarding the house and the cats would be hunting vermin. In reality, thier main function seems to be live throw pillows and I must admit, they do it quite well. Things here are going quickly into Icky Mode. We haven't heard any further from the moving company - they haven't even sent us a contract to sign which is a tad worrisome. David's calling today to find out. The yard sale yesterday was a bust, the sky darkened around 10;30 and by 11:30 Jackson and I were on our way to the mall in the torrential rains. I'm doing it again today - David said one more time and that's enough! He called me a Pain In His Ass which I don't think I am, but there is the slight chance he might be right. He also threatened to write me an email - after all that crap with Carole and the Nasty Emails that's David's favorite thing to say every time I annoy him. We spoke to the heater guy in Pa - the heater system is ka-put and will have to be replaced. The sellers said it was just a thermostat, but David said he looked at the heater and had suspected the ka-putness right from the start. And we went through all this nonsense when we moved here - I'm sure more stuff will pop up in time. David mentioned the 4 year thing again this morning - he can say that till the cows come home - I am staying PUT after this!

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spunknit said...

Just found your journal & you have me laughing hysterically!  You have a terrific sense of humor!  I'm definately adding a link to your blog!  Keep up the great work!  

From a fellow knitter.