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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Let The Games Begin

We're now in Battle Mode. David called another guy about the heating(1st guy gave an estimate of $6500!! forget that, we'll sit on the dogs!). 2nd guy advertised free estimate - then tells David that's only if he gets the job - otherwise it's $75. Hmm. I called 3 hospitals so that would mean I'm owed $225 by Mr. Stupid's estimation. He got ix-nayed this morning. We've got 2 months before we need it so we'll take the time to shop around.  Moving company is also ix-nayed. When David talked to them the price went up $400 - did they forget to mention the "peak time" was extra?(why yes they did!!). David's rented a small trailer from U-haul for $60 for the first run  - and we fit a surprising amount of stuff. Since we've already moved most of the furniture to the 1st floor and have reduced the amount we have, there's no reason we cant' do it ourselves. Even if David makes 3 trips we'll still save about $1500. And since the yard sale was a bust, we need to cut corners. I put up new signs and had it again on Saturday, but no one's really on Grafton road on the weekends so no one saw the sign. I made about $35 and at 1:45 David had enough of me hawking my wares in the driveway,packed it up in the truck and gave it to Goodwill before I could quickie make another sign. On the upside, I did manage to fling that ugly picture of the swans in before he noticed so it wasn't a total washout.

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