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Monday, July 19, 2004

We are now offically homeless.

Technically, we are homeless. We went to the closing this morning - a bit of anxiety as the buyer was late but nothing major. The buyers are very easy going which helps. We're allowed to stay in the house - free of charge! - until the 12th which gives us a bit of breathing room if there's a hold up on the Pa end. The frown-ey part was we have to leave the $2000 in escrow because of the septic system for 90 days. Other wise things went very smoothly which for us is nothing short of a miracle. Now we've got to deal with the Pa house. The RE agent is not the best, we've had to do a few things ourselves and really keep on top of him. And we just got the inspection report to read over, all 18 pages. What fun!

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