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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Not Working For The Man

Well, I am officially unemployed and mooching off of David. I practiced laying around on the couch last night watching TV and of course, knitting - I did pretty good, although I probably could use more practice. There are 5 pictures this morning - I didn't realize I could do that! The first is the hot tub/swamp, next is our line for the leech field before it got buried,the hat and sweater set I just finished knitting that actually looks similar to the pattern and the last two are Mr. Lee - it's the same picture twice as I'm new at this.  I'm getting ready for a  yardsale next week, I'm having it on Friday since being unemployed, I probably need the money. Here they don't have yardsales on Sat and Sun, it's usually Friday and Saturday. Jackson's going to be testing for his white belt this morning and will continue his lessons at our new home. Mr. Lee continues to drive us crazy, she has a new habit of wanting to be fed around 3am. She was perched on David's shoulder this morning frantically poking me in the back and meowing. We ignored her til 4:15 and I finally gave in as by that time she was jumping around the bed and swatting noses. Due to the fact we almost lost her she's very much aware no one would dare hit her so she's got carte blanche as to her behavior and is taking full advantage!!

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