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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Just as long as the cat's OK!

As you can see, Mr. Lee's back on the table where she's NOT supposed to be, but it is nice that she's regained almost all of her super powers, isn't it? Today was Phone Call day. Inspection people called to ask where the check was so they can inspect the Pa house. David wanted to know when I sent the check and I said I didn't since HE DID. Hmm. Turns out He Did Not. So the answer to the inspectors question was the check was still in the check book. Fed Ex is so making a killing off of us. Then David called about the title search. Then he called Harry The Agent as to why he hadn't sent any of the paper work which facillitates the title search.. Harry seemed to think he had to the end of  at least August to get that done. So David was faxing away this morning and Fed Ex got yet another cut of my vacation fund. Christi our agent from up here called this morning to tell me she did not really have a good time in SC since some of her relatives are snotty and she hadn't gotten the paper signed that states we can stay here until August 12th after the closing because the buyers are camping and they don't have phone service. I'm probably a little less concerned with the former than the latter.  On the up side the book I ordered 3 weeks ago and have been harrassing the employees at Booksamillion has finally arrived, "Knitting On The Edge" which was very expensive but worth it. At least in my world, maybe not in David's. And most important - the cat is ok!

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