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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

The Life I Wish Was Mine.....

Mr. Lee's favorite spot and David's most NOT favorite piece of furniture. I got it at an auction for $5. Yes, it's old and faded, but it's in excellent shape and after we move I plan on having reupholstered. In the meantime Mr. Lee has adopted it as a scratching post, playground, bed, and launching pad. We're currently working out the terms of selling the house. The septic guy is coming this morning to start, but we have to leave $2000 in escrow because it's 30 days before the health dept comes to test it.(the previous owner had to leave $5000 in escrow and the stupid health dept PASSED it so the owner got his money back before we realized it didn't work). And we've had something meet it's maker we think in the wall in the first floor. However, since it's not our dead animal we just sprayed Glad Air Freshener and opened the window. The smell has disappated so I'm sure something else probably ate it. They finally fixed the road by the way, so the temporary light is gone which helps a lot in the morning with the traffic. The way things are looking we will probably close at the end of the month and hopefully be in our new house by the first week in August - plenty of time to utilize the tennis courts and pools!! And yes, there will be a guest room!

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