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Monday, July 26, 2004

Who's demented child is THIS??

Well, after the mad dash today  David and Jackson left around 1pm. Right after they left I tackled the 3rd floor - also known as the Lair. I thought Jackson had done a fair job UNTIL I OPENED THE CLOSET. It's a good thing he's on his way to Pa because he  needs a good beating. Since he's not here however, I'm posting this school picture he had hidden under his bed as revenge.. Jackson usually takes a very good picture but this one's a rather odd. If you hit "view larger" he actually looks a bit serial-killer-ish. After 4 hours everything but the furniture is downstairs and packed. I got a little teary when I sat down and noticed it looked exactly as it did 6 months ago when we moved in. This is not fun like the last time. I still have no desire to go back to Long Island - I don't miss it at all. But WV I'll miss dreadfully, mobile homes and all. Around 3 while down in the kitchen I noticed our checkbook on the counter. That's rather strange as it supposed to be with David going to the closing. Sigh, Fed Ex once again. David called and said the lawyer had spoken to the sellers about the heating system situation ("ka-put") and they agreed to drop the price $2000 so that's very happy news.  He'll be back later in the week so it's me and the pets until Friday. Hopefully, the closing will go well - everyone cross your fingers!

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