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Sunday, July 4, 2004

Waiting, waiting

Mr. Lee and Jackson always takes a good picture, don't they? We're steady  packing - we try to do a bit each day so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. The septic system gets fixed on Tuesday, the health dept was here on Friday with the septic guy and they said to do "whatever it takes". Hmmm. That gives me no comfort at all, to know the septic system might need desparate measures. The hot tub guy will be back next week to finish fixing the hot tub. David's turned it off for now as it's on a timer and we're too lazy to read the directions.  We got up the other morning to see steam rolling off of it - David reported you could've cooked a lobster in it. David's been down at Lowe's twice this week, with stars in his eyes  and projects in his heart. He's been plotting and planning all week. The new plan is he's going to go by himself to the closing so he can get the carpet put in,etc before we get there. I'm staying home with the pets and finishing up on my end. We're also going to have a yardsale. Jackson's been clutching his things despite the fact we've assured him he gets to keep everything this time. When we moved the last time we replaced all of his furniture,etc so he's very suspicious of the yardsale and has asked me many times about exactly what is being sold. I told him he could pick out what he wants to sell at the yardsale but he claims he has NOTHING for it so we are leaving him alone.

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