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Thursday, July 8, 2004

Jackson and the girl

Jackson has always claimed Claw enjoys sitting like this. I personally disagree, given the narrowed eyes and flattened ears, but who am I to say? Things here are moving along, the guy got the hot tub running the other day, but steam continued to roll off it. I found a candy thermometer and stuck it in. 130 degrees, a bit toasty for my taste. I wouldn't have gotten in anyway - the water sat there for over a week before the guy came so it has a swamplike quality, complete with dead bugs and leaves. So I turned the heater down and went back out an hour later. 129 degrees. And given the condition of the water, well, the smell was what your tea would smell like if you made it in the swamp. So I shut it off and hot tub guy will have to make another visit. The septic guy was here last night and dug up the yard and put an entire new line in. And the 2nd moving guy was here yesterday and gave a better estimate. David and I are deciding on an actual closing date today and I think I'm going to put in my resignation tonight. I have no idea how they are going to handle this at work, since I'm not even off of orientation yet.

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