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Friday, July 16, 2004

Things I Will Miss About West Virginia

1) The View.

2) Neighbors. Right now we live between yuppies and what appears to be the Beverly Hillbillies without the money. To say our neighborhood is a mixed bag would be the understatement of the century

3) The road signs - never on LI will you see "end blasting area" or "falling rock zone". My favorite of course is the one that states No Tractors, ATVs or Herding Livestock On The Interstate. The great thing is you KNOW somebody did it at least once or the sign wouldn't be there

4)The endless uses of mobile homes. We've seen them used as storage, guest quarters, as additions, with additions, small communities, large communities, parked on the side of hills so steep it almost takes your breath away just to look at it.

5)Willies Bar and Lounge right down the road. Especially the sign that has the nightly specials, our favorite being Liver and Onions Night (those are the nights the parking lot looks pretty desolate)

6)The Stores. They run on a wierd schedule that's determined by the owner. They can open at 8, close at 2, only be open every other week, it doesn't seem to strike anyone as strange. Gun stores tend to be run out of home, David frequented one that if it wasn't open you just hollered at the dining room and the guy would open it.

7)Out houses.

8)The people who can be a bit strange, but we havent run across anyone that dislikes us and our neighbor across the road Oscar is amazing. Anytime we've needed anything - he's right there, he offers help before we ask as do all of his family members., I think out of all we will miss from here, Oscar and his family will be missed the most.

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