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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's 4 Weeks To The Day....

...that we started this ball rolling, I can't believe it's only been a month! Today the excitement of having a lot of money in the bank is being tempered by the reality that it all has a destination and none of it has to do with the Bahamas. Todays picture is the 3 car garage David built pretty much by himself - he was promised help but everyone quit before they got started. There may be a lack of jobs here, but there's an equal number of slackers we've found. One guy quit because he told Oscar his rectum was bleeding(??) - I don't have to tell anyone Oscar had fun with that bit of information and hollering across the yard at David. As far as jobs go I've called 2 hospitals, the first offered $15 an hour, $16 WITH experience. She also gave me the names of all the hospitals in the area which I found a bit strange until I called the 2nd one. That one called me back right away, $21 an hour to start, will pay all my moving expenses, 100% free tuition, benefits, and is only 8 miles from my house. I think the first hospital just gives out the names of the other hospitals because they know you're going to call them anyhow. We read over the inspection report for the Pa house - I hate those reports because on the first read it always sounds like you're buying a shack. But on the second read you realize "poor condition" can mean anything from true poor condition to a missing wingnut. Overall, the house passed and 90% was in the fair to satisfactory range. David's pretty excited about having a house of his own to work on - the RE  told him one of the reasons the house sold so fast here was due to all the improvements he'd done. The house in Pa needs some work, but the end result will be a house worth far more than we paid for it. Oh well, back to packing for me!

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