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Friday, July 23, 2004

Moving Right Along.....

The house has reached that disaster look - boxes all over, things to be sorted on counters and tables, everything constantly shifting from one room to the next edging closer to the door. I'm having my yardsale today (weather report this morning- dense fog warning with afternoon thundershowers likely) - I figure if it doesn't work out I'll just do it again tomorrow. Jackson had his last martial arts lesson last night. Since I was talking to Kim, David offered to pick him up. David did not know the Rule though. Instead of sitting on the bench 20 feet away from the studio and not indicating any relationship to Jackson -  HE WENT IN AND SPOKE TO PEOPLE. Jackson informed David on the way home if they'd been if feudal Japan he would have been killed INSTANTLY for entering the dojo uninvited, as would have the person who let him in. Good thing they aren't that strict at the Mountaineer Mall. David didn't seem to feel they did that in feudal Japan either, but I suppose he can just take it as a warning. He and Jackson are leaving  Monday afternoon,we're still waiting to hear from the lawyer as to what the check amount should be. I'll be so glad when this is all over - David said we're just staying for 4years until Jackson graduates, but I think this is it for me! At this point if we were landing in a landfill I would stay just so I didn't have to move again!

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