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Monday, July 12, 2004

Picture Day!

Today's interesting picture day. If you hit "view larger" it's a better picture. # 1 is a traffic accident we saw on the way home. There are 2 speeds in WV,  Stopping To Turn and Full Speed Ahead which means there are 2 kinds of accidents, Tiny Fender Bender and Out In A Blaze Of Glory. This is a picture of the latter, with the car perfectly upsidedown in the median. # 2 is of my FAVORITE house in the universe. If I win the WV Powerball I'm planning on buying this house. It's on the side of  119 S  which is a main road through the towns that goes by my road. The last family moved out after a week of removing junk. Then a NEW familly moved in and not only didn't remove the previous tenants junk but added MORE plus a couple non running vehicles. The fun thing is though, they've got a tramp-o-lean that sits right on the side of the road, surrounded by rocks and cinderblocks. I figure they probably have some kids they don't need.  The last 3 pictures are of a spider we found when we came home today, it was almost the size of my hand with it's legs spread out. Holy Tolodo! David soaked it in bug spray and it just ran behind the curtain. I tried to do my part by alternately taking pictures and shrieking which no one appreciated. We finally got it to die. Our neighbor Oscar said it was a Wood Spider and they can get bigger than that. I THINK I HEAR PENNSYLVANIA CALLING ME.

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rhoda6656 said...

Hmmmmm........I thought the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" climbed up the water spout, not your curtains.....but, I guess I could be wrong. He was probably just looking for some popcorn to take to the Spiderman movie, his entire family could be out looking for him. If I was you and David I'd high tail it out of there ASAP, I'd hate to see what his Grandparents look like. Yikes!!!!!!
I notice Adam is seeing just how Squirrely the Military can be. He must remember they don't discriminate, they'll take any Loon and promote them to the highest ranks!!! Christ, just look at my X....the man Bayed at the Moon, even when it wasn't full and they even give them loaded weapons too boot....Go Figure? He should have pumped me for info. before he enlisted, I would have told him 60% of the people he encounters should be in a Very Big Rubber Room!! Oh, Yeah!!
Looks like you got your hands full w/ the move and all. I told you if it was me...Hell, I wouldn't pack a thing....just some gasoline and a match and I'm outa' here. Your a better woman than me. Good Luck, I'll keep reading and have a Tranquilizer ready for you when needed!!