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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We are homeless no more

David called from Pa a little while ago and he's officially closed on the house in Lake Ariel. He's already there and busybee unpacking the U-Haul. The sellers left the dining room set with a hutch which he says is nicer than our table - we'll see. Either way we'll have a spare dining room set in case anyone needs to have dibs.I've been packing packing and clearing up loose ends. I also shaved Pooh Dog today, we've got burrs around here by the truckload and I'm tired of spending an hour picking them off everytime he goes out. I'm afraid he doesn't look quite as thin as I thought he would, so contrary to popular opinion (mine) it's not all hair. Jackson wasn't happy about my posting his school picture in case anyone was wondering and I think it's very rude of some people to say they are going to kill people, especially if that person is thier mother. I'm keeping the pictures as insurance - he will never run away because if he does THAT will be the picture I give to the cops to use for the Have You Seen This Child posters they hang up in Wal Mart. I've also posted 2 pictures today of yet another huge, gross bug, this one I found sleeping in the filter of the hottub that I was cleaning out. It was about 3-1/2 inches long and OF COURSE had a bazillion creepy little legs. Here is the hot tub

                                                                                                              here is me.


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