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Friday, October 1, 2004

Hang Ten!

Well, it's finally Friday and the weekend has not started so good. Stinkin' Vincent went out 3 days ago and hasn't come back. I would worry but he seems to do this. As much as I like him but if he comes back he does, if he doesn't, well, chances are  he found better digs and better chow somewhere else. David called last night and it rained again so he got held up on the roof and Jerry wants him to do some work so he'll be home on Sunday. Work was super busy today  - and  I appear to be working my magic. One patient died, one stroked, and one I found unrousable in the past two days. They had prior conditions leading up to these events of course - but  I had my other patients so that made for a lot of running around. Then  I get home and Jackson informs me he missed the bus this morning. He left at the usual time but missed it by about two minutes so it probably just came a little early. However, since we don't have or know any of the neighbors he had to stay home for the day so that's two days he's missed this week. And I've been battling Charger all week (AKA "Poo Dog") over the litter box. I am determined he will NOT go treasure hunting for tiny tasty nuggets and he's determined to snarf down as many as he can before I catch him out at it. The end result has been me lurking around the sand box like some demented ghoul and when I catch Poo Eating I come out of no where and attack. It scares the crap out of Charger but that's about all it does, he's one stubborn dog. I've pretty much given up and just try at this point to beat him to the litter pan and clean it out. Before he does, figuratively speaking.

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