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Sunday, July 10, 2005

End Of My Loafing Days

Well, tomorrow's the day. No more knitting all day marathons, carousing or general horseplay. I've got to admit, I am looking foward to going back to work and meeting new people. Being off on the weekends is going to be strange, but I think when Jackson gets back to school it'll work out much better. David and I just got back from church, he decided to come with me this Sunday - he was surprised to find it was not full of barefoot hippies worshipping trees. AND he had a good time. This week the pagans were the speakers so the discussion afterword (and during!) the lecture was pretty interesting. So I think he'll be coming back with me. I posted pictures of Uniontown that I took the other day, the 7th picture is an episcopalian church which is huge and quite beautiful. I wish the pictures of the stained glass had come out better but it was too dark to post. We were going to go to Washington (PA) but I think that was a bit further that we had planned on. Today we're doing Sam's club and (YIPPEE!!)Cracker Barrel for a late lunch/early supper. I guess you would call that Lupper. I LOVE Cracker Barrel, I think it's the best!

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