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Wednesday, July 6, 2005


The paperwork drags on and on with no end in sight. David and I spend a significant amount of time on the phone and at the dining room table, waiting on hold and filling out yet another form. Yesterday we went to Morgantown High School to enroll Jackson, the secretary pulled out a packet - not a good sign. David attempted to help but tends to ask too many questions (how old is he? when is his birthday? Does he live with us? really?ARRGH) so he instead spent most of the time chatting with the chemistry teacher and the secretary. I'm sure Jackson will be overwhelmed, all of the schools he's ever attended have been well below 1,000 students - this school is well above 2,000 and has 3 floors of classrooms. The way the school system works here is all the little towns have elementary and middle schools but EVERYONE either goes to MHS or UHS so the first year for them can be pretty tough.Jackson's  finger is much much better thank goodness, the swelling is finally going down. He came with me to the chinese grocery later on and I took pictures of the Monongalia River with his royal Crabbiness carping away the whole time. I heard from the agency and now they're having trouble getting my references, this just goes on an on, doesn't it? I'm hoping that will be resolved today and I can get to work, I'm just putzing at this point I'm so bored.  And the pool thing continues, we still can't find the leak so David called and left a message with a leak finding corporation, but they haven't called back as of yet. We put a bit of water in it last night since it seems to have stopped leaking BUT it also rained again last night so we have to wait til this afternoon.....if anyone has an idea or knows how to pinpoint a leak, let me know!

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