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Saturday, July 30, 2005

What Lies Below

That's the groundhog who appears to have moved in, probably under the deck. So now we have: toads, frogs, groundhogs, birds, bunnies, some unidentified creature that hides around the shed and peeks at David then runs away and the occasional deer. The deer here are different then Pa - they're huge, healthy and very skittish. We sometimes see them in the lower fields but they bolt if they see you unlike in Pa where they're so used to people that they run to you in case you have food.  I suppose if you move into a rural area you have to expect a lot of animals to be sharing your space. I'm still fighting with that stupid frog who refuses to leave my pool. When I come outside he quick runs and hides in the skimmer,hunkering down in the bottom like I can't see him. David thought I should put him in the woods but I've pointed out if the frog could find his way back from the Walnut Lane Inn Bar And Lounge, finding his way back from the woods would be a piece of cake. David and Jackson have been working for most of the week in Buchannon which is a little over an hour from here - Jackson's been working hard and David said he calculates his pay hourly, making announcements of How Much I Made Now throughout the day. In the next few weeks we have to deal with motor vehicles, I'm not looking foward to that. David's going to do most of it as I'm no good with that stuff and have no patience at all but I'm sure there is a mess just waiting to happen.

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