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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Sinking To Your Own Level

Vincent, part cat, part bathroom monitor. David has to fix the latch on the main bathroom as Vincent can push the door open and come right in. Which he does and is ok if you live here and are used to it. It can be quite disconcerting if you do not. A large part of his day is watching the toilet flush so if he hears someone go in, he runs right up there. Anyhow, enough of this potty talk. I finally finished filling out the paperwork for the travel agency and sent it off with a minimum of pawprints  and wrinkles so hopefully they won't think I'm one of those crazy cat collectors or something. David is heading home today so we should see him by this afternoon. He got Ray all straightened out and then went to our house in Pa to pack up the last of our stuff. He went down to the RE and they got all the papers signed, the deal is for lease to buy with them paying utilities and rent. David said they looked terrible (he's met them before) -  the house they'd been renting has been sold and they have to be out by the 9th, they'd been counting on getting the mortgage so I guess when it fell through it left them with a week and no where to go.The husband is self employed so the terms of the mortgage were much higher and the down payment was much bigger . The RE said they're planning on closing sooner than the 6 months and now that they have time to play around with, most likely will get a mortgage they can afford.  David said the husband looked stressed and the wife had been crying (we've been negotiating right up til Friday)- having been in that situation last year I'm sure we can both cetainly sympathize. But it works well for us, the rent will pay the mortgage so at least we'll have a bit of breathing room. Jackson and I have been having fun watching movies, we went out to see Mr and Mrs Smith the other day and we have HBO here so we saw a bunch of movies on that. His finger is still swollen of course (and probably will be for awhile) but he can move it so we'll just watch it for now. I took some pictures of the view from our front door but I have to say, the pictures don't do it justice. At night here we have hundreds of fireflies and I wish I could take a picture of them, it's the most amazing thing.

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coffeeshoptlking said...

I enjoyed reading the entries in your journal...that's one cool cat!