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Monday, July 25, 2005

I Toad You Not To Touch It!

Yet another frog variation - and you should not pick them up because it's nothing more than a big trick. They sit there in the grass looking all cute and friendly and when you pick them up - THEY TINKLE ON YOUR HAND. That's thier big defense, incontinence. I've got to admit it's works well, but it seems sort of  cowardly to pee  on your enemy - but then again I'm not a toad so I doubt my opinion on this topic holds much weight. And as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Anyhow, yes, that's another pile of never ending trash, when David cleared out behind the barn it was lying in the underbrush, on the brush,etc.. so it's another trip to the dump this weekend. And there's more trash  in the woods we own just in case we get bored. The pictures of the plants are nettles, they get this purple flowerish thing on top, that would be the only pleasant thing about them. They grow to about 6 feet, spread like crazy and if you fall in to them, you'll be the sorriest person on earth because they're covered from top to bottom with hundreds of  razor sharp little needles. Who comes up with this crap? Spiny plants, peeing toads, trash piles, HA! Vacation paradise if I ever saw one. Mr. Lee continues to be fine and lording the Baby Blanket over the other two cats. It's still her favorite possession and Vincent has finally given up trying to Overthrow The Blanket. Dogs are fine, still no sign of brains, but we can always hope. The weather was supposed to be sunny and in the 90's but it was more like the 80's and muggy AND a thunderstorm blew in so the crack weather team is doing it's usual good job of predicting the weather.

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