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Saturday, July 16, 2005

No More Green!

David finished the front yesterday, doesn't it look so much better without the green-y part on the end? He'll paint the rest of the house tan eventually, but at least he got all the green and red off. He starts his job on Monday, he gets to drive alot too - he wants to come home every night instead of staying over which I would too. The one thing about living here is almost everything is 10 miles. Anything else is over that. I started doing a few visits the other day, it was a relief getting out of the office and away from all that paper! The people I work with are nice and pretty frazzled. They're just starting to get into the visit end of things (they were primarily private duty) so everyone is up in arms all the time. The only thing that's really giving me pause is I am working with some pediatric cases and they're very sick children, but I'll just have to see how that goes. Jackson's fine, his friend Marcus slept over last night so they'll be sleeping til one at least I'm sure. We've been having tons of thunderstorms lately, pretty much every day one rolls in. That's  par for the course around here and come August it'll all dry up. David's project this week was finding out what property we own. We'll eventually have it surveyed, but for now with so much going on all the time, we've pushed that down to the bottom of the laundry list. But he did go to town hall and get the old one and then walked the propertyline and found all the markers. So the second project he had was reclaiming some of our land from the neighbors. Tomorrow we're going out to Tygart Lake for the UU retreat - it's only a couple of hours and we get lunch at the lodge, basically it's a big meeting to discuss the goals of the church so it should be interesting. Today I think is just puttering around. And in other news, when we were cleaning the pool this morning (an endless and thankless task if there ever was one!) there was a big frog in it! And I'm positive it was the one I drove down to the stream, bastard! And yes, he was evicted but I could see him sitting in the bushes watching me with those sneaky goggly eyes he has.....

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