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Monday, July 18, 2005

Little Road Trip

David and I went to the UU retreat yesterday - it was actually more of a brainstorming/finances/goals  meeting but we got to have lunch at a nice place and got to know some more of the church members. The woman sitting next to David is originally from Huntington, LI - how strange is that?? The meeting was held at Tygart State Park(pictures 5-8) which is right outside of Grafton (2-4). I think I may have been elected to head up the new Fundraising Committe which also appears to have one member (that would also be me). It's a fairly small congregation so you can have your own committee. Right now at the house the new issue is dampness, the weather is so humid it's unreal. And it doesn't go anywhere, just sort of hazes in place so as a result everything in the house is damp. Jackson's subterranian abode might become a problem since basements tend to be damp in any case so we've warned him he might need to come above ground if we can't straighten it out. I think we'll buy a dehumidifier later in the week and see if that helps. The frogs continue to descend on the pool at night, the moment the sun sets they come hopping across the patio and the chemicals don't seem to deter them. They don't really do anything, just paddle around a bit and then spend the rest of the evening croaking at each other, they get so loud sometimes you can't hear the tv! The 9th picture by the way is my FAVORITE house in the universe, I hope to win the lottery some day and own it for myself!

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