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Monday, July 4, 2005

Squirrel Of My Dreams

Yes, the wicker squirrel is back where he belongs. David had brought the basket part last month but left the squirrel in Pa. Everytime I asked where something was David would say he hadn't had room - I was like how could you not have room for a wicker squirrel?? But he's back, sitting tastefully on my desk with his incredibly tasteful Fake Flowers, adds a certain je ne sais qui to the house. David arrived around noon yesterday, he came home early because the contracts had been signed on Saturday instead of Tuesday. We unloaded yet another load of stuff we dont' have room for. Part of the problem is we're doing all the outside stuff now while the weather is good and then during the fall and winter will do the inside. But until then we can't put shelves up and we're  leaving the two bedrooms that will be renovated first empty. Jackson's encouraging that because it keeps him in the basement/family room. Right now the little bugger has a couch, a futon, pool table and fireplace - it's like we handed him a makeout pit. However that's not a problem right now as the only girl he knows is Becky the Kicker. I'm glad we have all of our stuff here, although I'm still not sure how we ended up with so many table lamps. I took a picture of our dining room chandelier which I think is VERY cool. I stood on the table and washed it down and that really brought it back to life. A few of the balls on the bottom are missing but you can't tell if you dont' look closely. AND the most hilarious thing's made entirely of plastic!

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pengboo said...

I absolutely love that chandilier...plastic or not!!