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Sunday, July 31, 2005

This Beautiful Morning Is Pre-empted By What Else Lies Below

ARRGH!! David had gotten almost the entire pasture mowed down last night when he discovered a mucky part in the middle. After further investigation and a bit of digging, discovered the mystery of the low water pressure and the high water bill - we have a leak in the water main. He thinks it's probably been leaking for quite awhile, but since the pasture was so overgrown and it's probably not a big leak, you wouldn't have noticed. So this morning he was out there bright and early digging away, but the pipe was only about a foot and half underground so it wasn't too big of a procedure.. The water is off while he looks for the leak and hopefully this will not turn into an enourmous frigging mess. I have to go out on a job today but it's just down the road from me (for once!) so hopefully it will go quick. We've started letting Vincent out, he's a bit more worrisome than Claw since he doesn't stick too close to the house but he seems to be staying in the yard and does come back when called (eventually!). Yesterday the heat and humidity was pretty overwhelming for him, when I brought him in his mouth was hanging open he was panting so hard. He went and laid on the kitchen floor (it's tile) for half an hour to cool down, sometimes it doesn't pay to be a black cat, especially in July in WV.

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