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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Pretty In Pink

I finally finished it, it came out a little bigger than planned - doesn't everything I make? - for the most part it came out pretty good.  But the person it's intended for is only 11 so she'll just have to step it up a bit on the growing. The fourth was fairly quiet, the people on the next hill over (picture #3) had some nice fireworks and if I had thought about it we would've gone into town where they had the big display at the river. Jackson would've liked us to buy some fireworks but I told him next year - since we're batting a thousand in the Things That Can Go Wrong dept I don't want to take any chances. We are still frigging around with the pool, it seems to have stopped leaking but we've tried everything and cannot find the hole. We need to do something as  the frogs are moving into the vents! David thought we could fill the hot tub for the time being but of course with our track record he then discovered the pipes weren't properly drained at some point and broke. It's not a big deal, but it's one more thing for the every expanding laundry list. Picture #7 is the ivy I planted - it was very tough going as we have clay here instead of dirt and sand. #8 is the tree David got carried away with pruning but he'll probably end up taking it out. It's half a hedge and half lilac. And the 10th picture is of Sheetz which my father claims he's never seen or been to which I'm not sure is possible once you get out of NY. The one near us is the busiest I've ever seen, constantly full and the place To Be Seen. We love Sheetz!

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