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Sunday, July 24, 2005


I finally let both cats out yesterday for an hour or so, we're still pretty skittish about it - I may say I'll be ok if one of them disappears, but it actually happening is a different ballgame.. Claw's fine, she potters around and comes back, Vincent is another story. I saw him go into the brush at the bottom of the yard, only to come flailing out of it 3 minutes later and running full out  back to the house. I'm guessing it had something to do with the mocking bird commotion he stirred up - those birds do NOT fool around and Vincent found that fact out in a hurry. David's still busy clearing the property in some areas, yesterday he did around the barn  by wrapping a rope around the brush and pulling it out with the lawn tractor. He'd been mowing that one field but almost set the tractor on fire so decided to give it a rest. He also went over to the church and installed the air conditioner someone donated so the church now has air. He starts that job tomorrow and will be taking Jackson with him. The guy said he'd pay Jackson a helper wage so Jackson's all excited about a paying job. He'll be old enough to drive after December and has been eyeballing cars for the past few months, a red camero in particular. David said he couldn't believe Jackson is talking about such an expensive car, but I pointed out very few teenage boys hope and dream for a Gremlin!!  He went to the movies with Becky and her cousins yesterday, they saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which was great he said. Becky's family is visiting for the week so we haven't seen too much of her. I've been getting alot of use out of the pool, I'm in it every night after work. The humidity finally broke yesterday, we turned the ac off for the first time in a week. The heat is bad but  the humidity  really sucks - everything feels damp and smelly. David and I had to wash down the walls of Jackson's basement as they started mildewing before we turned on the AC, then it dried up right away and stopped so I'm guessing we're going to have to run it when it gets icky.

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