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Friday, July 22, 2005

No Big News Today

The first 3 pictures are of Pennsylvania which I took on my way to one of my jobs. Hmm. They look pretty much the same as WV, don't they? It's a little strange living on the border as I can be in a whole other state in under 5 minutes from my house. My flowers are coming along well, as is my ivy, the only thing that's a pain is watering them because we only have one hose in the back. This house of course has it's little ideosycrisies that we will never figure out. Only one of the 3 bathrooms  has an outlet. There are phone jacks that don't work all over the house- at least 2 to 3 to a room. ALL the bedrooms have a dozen outlets, even the little 8 x 10 one. You turn on the dining room light from the kitchen, the kitchen light from the hall and the front light from the livingroom. I sure it made sense to someone at sometime, but now it's just silly. And we'll do what the previous owners did - just get used to it until we no longer notice it's odd. I've started letting Claw out, or more to the point Claw has started letting Claw out - she lurks around the doors constantly and zips out when she has the opportunity. As you can see, not much going on. David has started mowing one of the fields in front, but will be leaving the one behind the barn fallow. We've heard no more from the guy next door, but he's supposed to be here clearing the brush on his property on Saturday. Hopefully it will not be a "revenge" clearing.

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