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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Down The Garden Path

David has been a busy yard bee as of late - he bought an old Gravely walk behind mower which will mow down the thickest of growth. We own two acres or so of woods so what he's been doing is making a truck-width path that winds around inside so we can walk through it. We're leaving it wild, but David thought if he put some paths in it we could get some use out of it. The only thing I worry about is the local ATV riders will also get use out of it - more from an insurance point of view that a noise problem. Jackson was happily carving right alongside of David - he LOVES this sort of stuff since the woods around here are almost jungle-like. Picture #6 is the requisite pile of trash. David's been getting a bit out of control as far as the mowing is concerned, he's a little psychotic in my opinion. I told him to leave the pasture behind the barn alone since that's where all the bunnies live. We've been having rain off and on so he wasn't able to go to work yesterday so in between showers he went outside and destroyed nature a little at a time. My job is picking up, I've been going to more visits further and further apart. For some odd reason they seem to like to bunch EVERYONE on Monday which makes no sense because that makes one day impossible and two days a waste where I only have a couple of visits. I'm trying to space it out differently so I can actually do it. Jackson's fine, Becky went to band camp this week so that would make him Mr. Lonely. We're planning a trip to Washington Pa mall on Sunday so Becky can go too.

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