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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Good Morning!

And so ends another week. Yesterday was a big surprise - the traffic was backed up all over the place, even down the back roads. I had forgotten that WVU opens it doors this week to over 30,000 students - most of whom are spending the week creating traffic jams. On LI the roads jam up all summer and you get relief in the fall. Here the summer is the break in the year and the fall is when the crowds appear. The next two weeks are the worst with families here settling thier kids and all the freshmen constantly lost, nothing moves. We ended up having pancakes for dinner last night since there was no way I was going to get near the grocery store. Jackson is going to the local fair today with Becky and her family and David and I are heading out to Sam's club. I can't imagine what that fair is going to look like with everyone back in town but if I was Jackson's age I would be loving it. David was clearing property last night and came across a slow moving 6 foot black snake. I asked him why he didn't pick it up and bring it in the house, we can always use another pet but he said NO WE DON'T. Stinker. At work I continue to slog through oodles of paperwork which I never get right. I hand it in and sit at the desk so I can fix it when it comes slinging back ten minutes later. I'm driving all over which is fun despite gas prices and I get to take plenty of pictures. I'm still pretty wary of the coal trucks, in this area they're all over and you have no idea how fast they come barrelling down the road. We're still fighting with Frontier, our phone has been full of static for 3 days, sometimes so bad you can't even use it. I called AGAIN yesterday and she found the work ticket from the last time they were here and read it over the phone before she thought about it I think. It said simply "unable to locate problem" - I told her just because you can't locate it, that doesn't mean you don't fix it! So as far as we know they're coming out today and will probably replace the line which is what they should've done a month ago. It seems to be ok today but with the slightest amount of dampness it becomes unusable.

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