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Monday, August 15, 2005

It's Not All About The Coal

We have lime mining too! I hate driving past it when it rains - the dust gets all mucky and all over everything. The lime mines are huge, I tried to take pictures to give an idea of the size but it's just impossible. I would have to stand in Ohio to get the whole shot. The machinery around here is very cool - it's so big it's staggering. I've been quite the traveller lately, both at work and at home. Sunday I did indeed take Jackson and Becky to the mall in Washington - both had a very good time of course and we ate at Garfields, home of the deep fried everything. Jackson had put off  asking her because he told me he wasn't sure if she wanted to go. Hmm. How many 15 yr old girls are there that DON'T want to go to the mall? I suppose all the dead ones. Maybe. Becky surprised us all by not only wanting to go, but being ready by 10:30am on a Sunday no less. I finally got my WV driver's license, I sort of look like a  "before" picture, but a fairly good one. I'm going to start working more in Pa, one of the nurses in the Uniontown office is cutting hours so my manager asked if I would do one day up there to help out. She must be getting to know me because before I could take a breath, she rattled off all the malls in that area. : ) And in other news, Charger bit ANOTHER toad - David said he was doing to rabid dog thing again. He said maybe my dog is  wierd and   likes the taste of toad pee. Who knows, maybe he can be on one of those "fear factor" shows that they eat african cave spiders and stuff - he already has the WV toad biting down to a science.

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