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Sunday, August 7, 2005

There's Plenty Of Rest For The Wicked Around Here

Vincent is not behaving as usual. We've started letting him out more in the past week but he doesn't really come when he's called. He comes when he feels like it. Yesterday I  must've called him for 45 minutes while working in the yard, only to discover him sauntering along behind me to see what I was doing. I'm pretty sure he hides in the bushes since he knows when we're calling it's time to come in. I noticed when I called him later in the day around dinner time it only took 5 minutes for him to appear. The hot weather is finally breaking a bit, yesterday I think it was in the 80's which is very nice. We're currently starting to make tentative plans for the house in the winter, there are a couple of rooms under discussion as to what we're going to do with them. The hot tub room is one of them. David wants to take the old tub out and turn it into a den. I'd like to put the nicer hot tub in, put up bookshelves and a small woodstove and make it into a sunroom. And there's the issue of Jackson, Below The Ground Boy who is vehemently campaigning to stay there. Given the fact we  can't deal with the space we have now I doubt we'll be furnishing the familyroom he's occupying currently, but our main concerns are the heating issues. Right now he's got it made because his room stays cool whether the air is on or not, but I'm a bit worried when the snow flies if it's going to be warm enough.  The room we'd like him to have has a full bath, is on a different floor than the other bedrooms and a great view of the mountain range but he still insists he prefers his 70's throwback digs. The family room is painted that hidious avacado green with some dark wood trim and the pool table is a fake Mediterranean style if anyone remembers that. There's even some black velvet display with a ship printed on mirrors. Of course he loves that too, very classy you know!

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