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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Smell A Rat

But really, if you were here, you would actually smell a mouse. And Vincent is faking it because that's NOT  his - it was already dead in the bushes. I had to chase him to relieve him of his ill gotten gains since I wasn't sure how it had died (or WHEN  - eww). Isn't WV just so fun? The excitement never ends.   We're having our first dinner guests over on Sunday, a friend of David's and his girlfriend who is also a nurse are coming  for a BBQ and a swim in the pool We're currently trying to train the cats stay off the table so that Sunday will not find us wrestling the feline members between the potatosalad and wine. Good luck on that one! Kim's parents are planning on visiting in the fall too, they live about 80 miles from us so they might come for a weekend. I'm still knitting the Chevron sweater and having trouble with the sleeves - I had one part -way done and then had to frog the whole thing. Somewhere I screwed up and there was just no fixing it no matter how hard I tried. I've been busy at work, one thing about my job is you've GOT to love dogs because so many other  people do! But I do love them and people bring them out for me to see. Jackson is busy trying to finish enjoying the summer, but with the dreaded school looming overhead he's a bit hard pressed. He was moaning about all the things  he hadn't done - but I pointed out a week before is not the time to start.

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