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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Whoo Hoo! Bonus!

I might have to stop travelling to Clarksburg - I'm way too addicted to AC Moores.the one here sells "mill ends" yarn- I have no idea what that means other than 4 skeins for 5 dollars.They sell chenielle mill ends to boot - this stuff is about 5 bucks apiece in Michaels. BUT the problem is the sight of any new yarn coming into the house makes David hysterical and yell alot, etc. So when I came home yesteday I stuck it all under my work bags in the back seat of the car and when he went for pizza I quick ran it into the house. This led to the next problem which is the dresser I keep all the yarn in is overflowing so I had to hide it under the dresser in the back. I can't keep this up forever, he's fairly observant and forever on "yarn alert". I guess I'll just have to knit faster. In other news, Jackson is set for school. The guidance office doesn't come back to school until August so we've been in limbo for the summer. We got a call from the high school finally on Monday - just this cryptic "you need to call me immediately" and when we did, she wasn't there. Needless to say with all the stuff we've been dealing with the past two months that sent me right over the edge. David stayed home yesterday because of rain and it turned out she just wanted Jackson to come in to do his schedule - I was like why didn't she just say THAT instead of making it sound like there was some big problem. So David took him in and he has a schedule and the guidance counseler also took him on a tour of the school. He starts on the 26th which is wierd as that's a Friday. He bought a pair of pants from Hot Topic that's covered in straps and chains and grommets, David says he's going to get a hernia trudging around with all that but he doesn't seem to mind. And the Issue Of The Day is the phone again. The only company that serves this area is Frontier - if you have any choice don't use them. Our last phone bill was $170 - we had signed up for thier long distance plan (300 minutes for 14.95) but they were like, oh didn't we tell you it takes awhile to "kick in" (ie after you make all those phone calls). And that's when you can use the phone - we once again have static on the line despite the fact that they "fixed" it last week - I'm guessing they're using thier psyhic powers. Thier phone book only covers thier customers - and they aren't even in it! I've gotten a new appreciatiion for Verizon, let me tell you.

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