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Friday, August 5, 2005

The Third Dog

That's been Claw's nickname for most of her life. She's not the nicest cat in the house but once she gets outside, she's a whole new girl. She follows you like a dog  and meows constantly - when you stop she rubs against your legs and purrs. That's a picture of her trotting  along side of me as I'm walking the property. The 3rd picture is of the property that David reclaimed from the neighbor - that area between the tree and the unmown land is OURS, pretty big chunk, isn't it? And we're suspecting she also put her septic system in our yard too! It's not like her yard is that small, it's about an acre and a half, but I guess whatever you can get away with you do. I think she's interested in owning it, but not paying for it so David mows it once a week to keep her from doing it. The 6th picture is of the Washington Mall - we drove up to Washington,Pa on Wednesday to see what was what. David dropped us off at this mall and he went to Home Depot right next to it. David was surprised to find Jackson and I standing next to him 20 minutes later in the plumbing aisle. The mall was awful  to say the least - only 9 stores were open and Jackson  thought we were the only people under the age of 100 in the place.( The Scooter Store seemed to be thriving). Everyone was sort of huddled in the middle at the tables and it was so quiet you could hear the plastic pretzel rotating on the display. It was just sad, they'd even turned off all the fountains so they were full of dust and old pennies. After we left we tried the other mall about 5 miles down the road - THAT was where everyone was!(picture #7) There was a big Gander Mountain - David's favorite hangout and the usual mall stores. There was a Grateful Dead sort of store that Jackson fell in love with and I ended up spending $20 on a tiedye Tee that looked like the ones we used to make as kids and Jackson was eyeballing the giant batiks. We're planning on a return trip and might bring Becky.

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