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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The School Boy

Yep, two more days and off he goes. I asked Becky what time school starts and she said 7:30am - that's earlier that I had thought. That means we'll have to be out of here by 7, yuck. I'm off today so we can get some last minute things I guess, there's not much to get so far. I have to get my car inspected also today, hopefully it'll go better than David's. He went at 10 am last week and didn't get home until 4pm. They scrape your sticker off when you get there (thereby effectively making you thier hostage) and he ended up needing brakes and new tires, so 500 dollars and six hours later he was released. The weather has cooled off alot this week, temps are in the 60's at night, but it's supposed to be in the 80's. I think we'll be winterizing the pool after this weekend, I know it's early but I'm just getting tired of filling it. And since we have to fill it more ,we end up using more chemicals because of the dilution. Gas prices suck, it's 2.59 in WV but if you're in PA (20 minutes away) it's 2.52 so I've been buying it there. Kim says it's 2.48 in Massachusetts in case anyone's in that area.

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kath1996 said...

$2.65 on Flanders road, but that was last week-end.....2.79 at the shell station in town, but who goes there?  Desa says it's 3.00 for regular in Montauk.  I say sell the kids, get a gallon of gas.