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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Look What I found!

I was dreaming last night that we had toads as big as dinner plates in the yard and I couldn't find my camera. Perhaps I should stop with the toads. We did church on Sunday, there's been a lot of discussion lately on growth - and donations, the congregation is growing but the church is not. David's going to give them an estimate on a small addition this week. We had our first dinner guests, everything went well and the cats stayed off the table for the most part. Mr. Lee did make several attempts and I got a scolding at the table from her. Next week we're having more guests - 8 of them! Oscar our former neighbor and his family will be joining us for supper and it will be a pool party since some of the guests are children. David and I are planning on closing the pool the first or second week of September due to the leak - we got a good run out of it considering what it looked like in the beginning of the season but I think the leak is starting to get worse and it's just not fixable. We just have to figure out how to winterize it and cover it, if it leaks down to the bottom I really don't care.We're going to open the hot tub after we close the pool which will be fun.David's almost done with the deck in Buchannon and is going to finish with the trash around here this week - yes, we're STILL pulling it out from every corner. Jackson starts in school on Friday, I know he's getting nervous. But we'll be driving him so that'll help - my job allows me to drop him off and if David starts his jobs early he can pick him up so it'll work out.

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