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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy Anniversary To The Cat

Today it's been exactly a year since Vincent appeared on our doorstep - I've been teasing Jackson that that's why we're having a BBQ today - I think I had him going for a minute too. So, I guess we're keeping the cat. Both he and Claw love going out now, David was afraid he'd run away but what would he be running away from?? He doesn't like the furniture? He'd prefer different Friskies? We were out to dinner the other night and Jackson said he wouldn't mind being the cat, but not the boy cat. I asked why and he said You Know What You Did To Him. I pointed out that since we did that he's been very happy to stay home with his mother but Jackson was not buying that he now has a happier life. I've got to get cleaning, I had everything perfectly planned out yesterday and as the way things usually run around here, everything was shot to hell by 9 am and we didn't get back to the house until late afternoon. David ended up running over to Fairmont to pick up some used fence he's going to put up on the reclaimed frontage. He's also playing around with selling off the two acres we're not using, we go back and forth about that. I know the neighbor who was mowing our yard would want it, but I don't think she'll want to pay for it - not to mention her grandchildren ALL have ATV's so I'd prefer we didn't sell to her. And the weather today? Foggy, rainy,etc. -  it's so damp in the house this morning we turned on the AC just to dry it out. Perfect.

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