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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

If Trouble Comes In Threes....

.....I will be hiding in the bathroom for the rest of the week. First the water thing, then Harry the RE agent calls last night - the latest prospective buyers are not happy with the roof  report and want to re-negotiate. At this point I'm more than willing to bite the bullet, get the hell out of Dodge and sort the bodies later. We must be setting records for the amount of times a house can be sold. (I probably also just set the record for the amount of cliches used in one sentence...). So Harry is sending someone over to give an estimate on the roof and we'll work from there, I just want it to be over and done with. At least I have my little toad friend to comfort me.- he's sort of cute, isn't he? You can pick him up and he doesn't pee so that makes him a friend in my book. David did the DMV yesterday and then in a couple of weeks it's my turn. He said it wasn't that bad. We were a little afraid because we never turned in our old plates when we left here, but no one seems to have nocticed. In NY it's a big deal and they fine you daily.No one here seems to return them, even the people that moved - they left a set of plates here too, so we can change them all the time if we wants to. I suppose we could even put them on the dogs. David has been further investigating the water thing, he might just put a new water line in that runs parallel to the driveway instead of under it. It seems to be almost an overflow effect, the water only pools there at night when we aren't running anything, in the daytime it dries up and it's not near the house so we have some time to decide how to deal with it.

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