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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Trouble With Toads

Yesterday we started and ended our day with a toad. I took the dogs out early and when I came around the corner Charger was backing up shaking his head violently. There was an injured toad in the drive that I put in the bushes - Charger was gagging and foaming at the mouth to beat the band. There was so much it was pouring down his chest, so I dragged him to the hose and preceeded to irrigate his mouth which in case you're wondering, he did NOT like. So he was foaming and spewing and I was catching the worst of it, we were both a mess when I was done. I called Kim later and she said since if you pick up a toad it will pee, well, if you bite a toad it will pee in your mouth and that's the cause of the foaming. Needless to say, I won't be sinking MY teeth into any toads soon. David left Jackson home so we spent the day messing around, went to exit 7, swam in the pool - a nice day after such an awful week. The heat continues, the 2nd picture is of my lawn -  we have clay here instead of dirt so when  it gets very hot the ground actually cracks! David got home at 4pm, he said it was 95 in the shade, so he was glad he hadn't brought Jackson. The 3rd picture is of Charger - "stuck" behind the split rail fence, if you call him from the other side he can't figure out how to get around it.Sigh. We played in the woods for a bit and then after supper I found a big toad outside. So of course unable to resist it's toady charms I picked it up. You guessed it, all over my feet. Charger and I never learn.

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