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Friday, August 12, 2005

A New Angle

West Virginia is not a flat place by any stretch of the imagination - the flatter the property the higher the price. But people build anywhere around here and some of the driveways are amazing. If you go to larger on this picture, not only does this drive go straight up but it's also tilted at almost a 30 degree angle - can you imagine using that in January?? I've been all over this week, from Carmicheals, Pa to  Clarksburg WV.The other nurse got married last week and is on her honeymoon, so her visits were divied up. The first 3 days of this week really sucked, NOTHING went right but yesterday went well and I enjoyed Clarksburg. The buildings there are very old and the details on them are beautiful - I  wish I'd had more time to take pictures. There's a few blocks of restored Victorians and 1800's houses. My favorite store is there too - AC Moores so I finished up my jobs a little early and zipped over there. I bought a nifty gadget I've been looking for - an I-Cord maker so I was playing with that and it works well. The weather has been terrible all week with the heat. It's hot all the time, even at night.. David and Jackson quit early yesterday, around here the heat is the worst around mid to late afternoon. David thinks he's going to leave Jackson home today and just work for  2/3 of the day by himself. I've got to call the school today too to make an appointment for him to make his schedule, school starts on the 26th. We've been letting the cats out in the morning, we still can't get Vincent to do his business outside. He actually comes IN, uses the sandbox and then goes back out again, thereby missing the entire point of being let out in the first place. I've thought about refusing to let him in until he goes, but I'm sure the little booger could hold out longer than I can.

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