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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

Let's see, I'm having 8 people over for a BBQ tomorrow and pool party. The weather forcast for this weekend: Rain. Scattered showers. Possible Thunderstorms. More Rain. I'm sure there will also be Periods Of Drizzle and Patches Of Fog. We have a breezeway that David can BBQ in and we can seat up to a dozen people in the dining room so it'll be ok. After this weekend, David and I have decided to shut the pool for the season, the leak's definately gotten worse in the past week and we're tired of adding water. Work has been interesting, I'm being loaned out to the Uniontown office so I've driving all over south-western PA - I didn't know I was going so I left my camera at home. It's amazing how many pictures you can see when you DON'T have your camera, but all of that will be there next week. Jackson had his first day of school Friday, he had less of a problem navagating than he thought he would. He ate lunch with an old friend from South Jr HS and will be sharing a locker with him. Apparently everyone has a "locker-buddy" and when Jackson moved they never gave this kid a different one, so Jackson is actually getting the locker he was supposed to - how strange is that? He's got one class with Becky, his German class and reports the teacher is from Germany. David is laying out the line for the new water main which he's putting in in the next couple of weeks so that should keep him busy for awhile. He's going to be spending the next two weeks or so finishing up around here. I heard from Adam, the leave in October is not looking so good, so he's thinking maybe in the spring.

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