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Monday, August 29, 2005

End Of Summer

No, I didn't take pictures of the BBQ because I got too busy. I started getting ready early in the day, I yelled down to David to see what he was doing in the pasture. He announced he was looking for the gas main, I told him that our guests would be more impressed with a warm pool than being able to view our gas line so he came back to the house to fire up the heater. While he was doing that Vincent snuck in (the cats are not allowed in the equipment room) and before he could grab him, Vincent got tangled up in a glue board(remember the mouse problem?). David said the cat flipped out, probably thinking he was being attacked by a cat eating sticky monster and bolted into the woods. By the time I got my shoes on Vincent was back and we peeled it off, but now he was all full of wet, drippy glue, his whole back leg. Jackson and I washed him the best we could but it will probably have to wear off. Other than that the party went well, we had pounds too much food and Jill brought more, the3 kids had a ball in the pool and Christy looks like she's ready for them to go back to school. She said they were supposed to start on Friday, but a water line broke so they closed the school. Apparently if it's not open today she's planning on going crazy. Jackson's girlfriend Becky came too and they liked the ka-bobs I made, apparently no one had ever had them before. I made some with chicken and some with tofu, when Christy went to take one I told her the ones on that plate were tofu  and her husband Michael yelled "OH MY GOD, WHAT DID I EAT?!!" and actually looked a little panicked, but I assured him I'd given him the chicken ones. They left a little early with the kids and Jill and Oscar stayed to talk, so we had a really nice time.

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