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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Am I really off??

Not oncall this weekend, with the agency growing it seems like every weekend I'm on call  I'm out in the field at least one day. They asked if I wanted to work the 4th of July but I said no, since I'd already done my stint on Memorial Day. Jackson came home the other day, David and Janet did the halfway thing at Mcconnellsburg - Jackson informed me Aunt Janet had been under the impression she was doing the whole thing. Oops, my bad. I thought we had discussed it but maybe not.  I took Jackson out driving yesterday in a Quest For Sneakers. While he was away Pearl decided to add her own personal touch to his Vans by yanking out the entire insides. He did need a new pair but I had wanted to wait until school started, BUT PEARL FIXED THAT DIDN'T SHE.  So off we went and at the first store hit a snag. It seems the boy has grown and now wears a size 14 which is a sort of Holy Grail size. When the clerk asked if I needed something I told her I would like to see something in a smaller boy. She only laughed and left me with him.To add to the mix he will also only wear black AND only specific black sneakers. We did find one pair but they had an "N" on the side and for some reason that would cause him become a social leper, so back in the car. At the 4rth (or 5th, I lost track) shoe store the girl there cut right to the chase and simply brought out all the black size 14 sneakers they had - a task that took 3 minutes. But we did find a pair that wouldn't cause him to suffer a social crisis  and $70 later we were good to go. Speaking of Holy Grails there's a fight over in Clarksburg over a picture of Jesus in thier HS. After THIRTY YEARS someone noticed it and instantly became offended so it's of course escalated into a court battle and will be featured on the 700 Club show. As far as I can tell, it's simply just something that's always been there and doesn't really have a religious significance anymore, people are just attached to it as a sentimental object. I'm personally in favor of leaving it alone. But it's nice to know our tax dollars will be at work (and given the news coverage it will be a lot of tax dollars).

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