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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blowing In The Wind

Pearl continues to morph into a Psycho Vizsla, she's extended her war with the vacuum cleaner to a war also with my leaf blower. The other day I was really watching her for once and I don't think I've ever seen anything so funny - I made David come out and hold it so I could take pictures. As with the vacuum, it took forever to get anything done. I think "Pearl" may have been a misnomer as she appears to be anything but! She had a swollen eye last night, Jackson was horsing around with her and accidently snapped her in the eye with a towel - he felt awful about it, but it's fine this morning and hopefully Jackson will leave the towels alone from now on. The weather has been blasting lately, it's supposed to be the high 90's again today. David had a roof repair to do - he and Jackson started it early in the morning and stopped around 11 am - David said it had gotten so hot the shingles started to melt and stick together. David came home and then went back after dinner to finish up - he said it was still hot but at least the sun was going down. I can't imagine - I walked across the parking lot and was breaking a good sweat. I'm off to Bridgeport for part of the day today which I'm gloating about - I'm plotting on seizing the yarn bin around 1 - if I can get past the Yarn Hater in the driveway that is! I guess I'll just have to do some Nascar driving ......

An Update - I did take Pearl to the vet this afternoon - I got an hour of personal time and a late appointment. Pearl was awful at the vet's - Dr. Kenney actually stopped the exam in the other room to come into our room to stuff a dog cookie in Miss Bark-A-Lot's fat mouth. The diagnosis was good -  there probably was a small scratch but it should heal on it's own and we have yet another tube of ointment. Oh hurrah.

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