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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lazy Days Of Summer

We're quickly moving into the Dog days of summer, this whole month has shot by. I spend most of my days either working or slaving over the pool - I desperately need a Cabana Boy to call my own yet cannot afford one. I'm in charge of the pool since I'm the one that uses it all of the time.  Pearl took herself for a little swim yesterday while I was vacuuming it out now that she can manage the stairs on her own.. I put her in the house while I swim most of the time because when we're in there together she likes to swim right next to me, occasionally swimming on top of me. She is a pest on all surfaces these days. Jackson continues with the job search - he applied at Target but they're only hiring for the off shifts so got turned down. Until he gets a car and license his hours are somewhat limited - with mine and David's schedule we can't be picking him up at midnight so it limits his job search, not to mention they like you to have your own transportation. He's been working a bit with David and has been helping out around here - it's not perfect but it is money. I'm warring a bit with my boss and considering looking into another job, but will probably see how things go before I make any major decisions. Right now starting a new job is just another pain in the ass I don't need. As you can see from the picture above, the life to have is Vincent's - nothing but blue skies and Friskies for him.

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