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Friday, July 7, 2006

How Much Would You Pay For This Dog?

I was once again perusing the Personal Property Tax dohicky and came across an odd charge for $6. I asked David what that was for  - THEY CHARGED US FOR OWNING DOGS.  Is that not the stupidest thing you've ever heard - I personally feel that if they're going to charge for that, you should at least be required to bring the afore mentioned dog down and it should be pro-rated. Actually, it would be worth the money to bring the crew down just to watch Charger eat everyone's lunch while Pearl single handedly tears the whole place apart in under 30 seconds. They'll probably OWE me money! And just in case you ever move here - cats are free. You can have a whole bagful of them and they won't charge you a dime. So the cars and the dogs are paid for - at least until next year when I'll probably hand Pearl The Destroyer over the counter and get my $3 back. In other news - David and Jackson finished the tiling, in an effort to get Jackson moving on the job market David made him get up and grout. He did a rather spectacular job, David was impressed. Jackson was not. When I got home Jackson was in the foyer grouting and David was in the livingroom gloating about how much fun it was to be the watcher as opposed to being the watch-ee. I told David perhaps he should tone it down as I thought maybe Jackson did not love him anymore judging from the icy cold death stare that followed me up the stairs. Jackson did get paid which made it worth it for him and we should be able to walk about the house freely tomorrow - and I will of course be taking pictures!!

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connie7280 said...

So you were right about the horse -- you would also pay a personal property tax if you owned one most likely. And I have two free cats.  I`ll send them right down.