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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everyone Out Of The Pool

I have thrown this little guy a few times, I didn't see him yesterday so I'm thinking perhaps he has realized it is not the place to be. Since we redid the pool we haven't seen one frog but the other day I found this little guy floating around on my blue float. I put him out and he snuck back in. I put him out. He hopped in. Then I shocked the pool and that settled that. Speaking of the pool, I forgot to mention we had a visitor this weekend aside from Ray - Dick Davis!! We were so excited to meet him - he's the guy that owned our house and built the pool - all of this property in the development was his originally. He now lives in Myrtle Beach, but comes up occasionally to visit friends. We took him around the property, he was impressed with the job Mick did on the pool and told us a few things about the property that we didn't know. Our pool, by the way was the first pool he built - because he wanted to know the right way to do it. He told me how to level the cement tiles around the pool and that the huge trees in our front yard came from mail order as saplings. We offered to take him on a tour of the house but he declined. Our house he said was all happy memories for him - it was where he had started his business, raised his children, rode horses and ATV's and he said he wanted to keep those memories as is. But it was really neat to meet him and he told us if we ever needed to know anything about the house, we could ask the neighbor down the road to contact him.

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