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Saturday, July 15, 2006

End Of The Week

Not on call this weekend! We took Jackson out to the movies last night to see the Pirates Of The Carribian, we ended up going to the 6:30 show as we got done doing other stuff sooner than expected. It was a good thing though as the theater was almost full and they were showing it in two theaters. It was very good with the only distraction being someone getting up to use the bathroom multiple times and sitting where she would have to walk in front everyone. You would think that person would've sat on the other side but who knows. David came with us (for once) and Jackson drove. We haven't been able to get in as much driving time as we had been previously so we let him drive whenever possible. David has a busy week next week, he put an ad in the paper and has 3 jobs so far so that should keep him out of trouble for awhile. He and Jackson brought the iron tub into Jackson's bathroom just to get it out of the garage - it'll be a little while before all the fixtures get hooked up as he has to finish but Jackson doesn't seem to mind. David also finished pulling the old slider frame out of the breezeway - have to give it to the previous owners - they appear to have had a never ending supply of Incredibly Stupid Improvements. I suppose I should clean something other than the pool this weekend, I have to say that's quite a bit more involved than I would've suspected. I probably spend about 1/2 an hour a day cleaning it, sometimes more. Pearl hasn't jumped in yet, but we can see she's thinking about it. A lot.

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