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Monday, July 3, 2006

Jackson Above The Ground

Jackson very happily (and quickly!) moved into his new room last night, we have the basics up there, now he just has to get his flotsom from downstairs. We gave him one of the full beds from the guest room, eventually we'll get another mattress set, but right now it's on the "list".(we have a continous running list that objects and tasks slide up and down in order of thier current importance). He had been sleeping on the futon, but like a basement bedroom, that loses it's novelty quickly. We can't put him in the single bed that we have, he's just too long and too big and hangs off the end so he got the bed he wanted. David started pulling the bolts out of the ceiling and then gave up - they DO go across the hall upstairs and probably into our bedroom and it was just making too much of a mess. So they will have to stay for now - Jackson doesn't really care - and when we get to carpeting(that is way down on the list) we'll deal with them then. They're huge by the way, I couldn't believe the size of them!  David's been rearranging the basement, as you can see in the pictures the color of the walls leaves a lot to be desired. David couldn't figure it out - he thought it was an institutional green, but those of us from the 70's should know it right away. Avacado Green. That went with the ever pervasive Harvest Gold in most homes. Repainting is of course on the list, but it's such a huge area and the paint itself (since it's an ugly color) wears like iron - no fading no staining and someone did an exceptionally good job while they were at it to boot. Without the pool table the area is really big and David wants to put windows in eventually (on the list) to brighten it up.

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